Entry visa application(s) are to be submitted to the Consular Section to be followed by an interview. It takes a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) working days to process all visa requests. However an emergency visa application is permitted at an extra fee of 4000 rubles and may be issued on the same day of application.

Please note that an error on your application which results in an error in the issuing of your visa will invalidate your visa. You will be required to re-apply and pay the full charges for processing the new application. Applicants, who notice that they have made errors on their applications, must notify the Consular section via email of the error, before or after filling out a new application. Failure to do this may result in an error in the issuance of visa for which the cost will be charged to the applicant.

Visas, once issued, must be used within three months from the date of issue. Applicants are advised to plan their trips accordingly.

Note: The Consular Section under no circumstances can fill out applications for visas nor cancel or grant visa appointments. For enquiries, please email consulateghana@mail.ru

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